….just looking through a catalogue I have of a retrospective exhibition of the work by the Slovenian artist Gojmir Anton Kos. The exhibition took place in Ljubljana and ran from 1992-1993. His figurative compositions, landscapes, portraits and still life reveal him as a master of colour and form. The catalogue is full of images of his oil paintings and photographs. It reads…. “He bought oil paints of the highest quality; with years the assortment changed slightly, and the last one, was neatly arranged in drawers, included these from among the yellow range: light and deep cadmium, light and gold ochre, raw sienna and Naples yellow…..” There is a quote from the French artist Eugene Delacroix ….’colours are the most personal part of an artist’s talent, requiring a fine optical awareness and years of cultivation of the subtle perception and refined relations, before an artist can mature into a magician who can find them and mix them to the point of – as Kos used to say – making them sing.’